Robotic Bipedal Locomotion System

The protype of the bipedal locomotion system has been developed 
for the DIST (Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, University of Genoa).

The project was part of the Project "Piano Finalizzato Robotica" of the CNR (National Research Council).

The prototipe is able to:
  • walk on a flat floor at a speed of up to 0.15 m/s
  • climb on a step up to 0.15 m of high
  • get over an obstacle of up to 0.15 m x 0.15 m  of cross section
  • change the direction of motion
The system features 8 DOF, 3 rotational and 5 linear.
The actuators are driven by frame-less torque-motors; some of the motors are directly coupled to ball-screw mechanisms, while the others are coupled to precision planetary gearheads.
To learn more about the Robotic Bipedal Locomotion System please visit the DIST site:

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