Water-jet Propulsion System
The Water-jet Propulsion System has been developed for the DIEE, Cagliari University, and is intended as a test bed for advanced high-precision position-control techniques for underwater robotic vehicles.

The first prototype (here under trial in the water channel)  has a 2-nozzle configuration, where the final version will use 7 nozzles to allow the control of all the 6-DOF of an underwater vehicle.


To produce and control the required thrust, the system uses specially-designed variable-area nozzles.

The area of the nozzle is controlled by a spear valve

To allow very high-speed control of the jet intensity, the spear valve is actuated by a directly-coupled linear electric motor.


For more information visit the DIEE (Cagliari University) website: http://www.diee.unica.it/~pisano/AUV.html  

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